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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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fracking stories tonight. video of a
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is breaking news. >> breaking news from the where five people have in northwest washington. in the 1300 block north capitol street. at this point, it appears all of e people have non life- threatening injuries. officers are not sure of the motives. video from ocean r a seafood restaurant that catches fire. waterman's is off of route 50. has been hurt, and it is clear how the fire started. >> outrage from a dog sitter who was attacked by a man while the job.everal dogs on
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now, a daughter is missing. has led to a desperate pet and thehe attacker. you a picture of missing.that is name is marie. -- murray. more about their heroine ideal tonight. about a bizarre story. the victim says all she wants to dog, but thee about theorried was assaulted in the middle of the day. he bruised my arm. >> bruises proved this morning's madness. like most days, she was walking her dogs. came the dog she was of for her friends. things got weird when a doctor at first, and climbing -- claiming bit him. >> he grabbed his leash, which caused him to come loose.
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the man started chasing him. she claims the man attacked her and grabbed her breast and other private areas. once i started yelling for help, up.inally gave she holds police cameras may caught it all. but she is mostly worried about dog. >> i will be fine. want to find him. >> a facebook page later, there was hell. throughout the neighborhood, up.ers went --, there was help. >> she is part of the family. we love he >> the dog and his son are best buddies. >> they play together. could be anywhere. i am not sure that i have my hopes up. >> a couple of sightings, but nothing so far.
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they have decided to hire a dog tracking service. other dogs to track the cent. they say it is expensive, but worth it. students at a fairfax county e remembering a missing classmate during their homecoming weekend festivities old bryan glenn mysteriously disappeared monday morning. is live with the latest. >> this homecoming weekend has for the students and faculty. to police celebrate the and its accomplishments, but many are concerned about friend, bryan glenn. >> homecoming weekend at wt school.high amid the fun and excitement -- >> he was part of our group. students have remained friend,d about their old bryan glenn, missing
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since monday. >> we hope he will come back. the seniors are rallying around it. family members say the active a kicker on the football team, got his brother of monday morning, saying he would find a parking space. when i got home that night, complete shock that he not come back. >> he went to dunkin donuts, and e donuts and water, and left. his car was found, but no trace the 17-year-old. >> he should be getting excited, go out tonighto d have fun with everybody else. family and friends have put posters all over the area. parents have checked bank and cellphones accounts. so far, nothing. >> i am sure everybody is concerned. at what shouldns be a carefree time. are holding on to hope.
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>> we will maintain school spirit. they say it is of their son buy doughnuts, because he lunch in the car. the car had open bottles of and the lunch still there. s plans are planning a vigil afternoon at 4:00. >> a development that may have a impact on the race for president, the jobs report. both the obama and romney about as are talking labor released by the department. rate slidmployment from 8.1% to 7.8%. the number of people who said were joined -- were employed jumped by 873,000. this is the first time below 8% since january 2009, when obama took office. >> the campaigns have taken on the news, but
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as a bigt is seen positive for the obama campaign. at a rally, the president called is gettinghe economy better. said the country has made too much progress to turn back. >> in the meantime, mitt romney that 12on the fact people are still out of work. mitt romney also stressed an 7.8% is not rate of what a real recovery looks like. after campaigning in virginia earlier today, he hosted a rally in florida tonight. >> a new controversy concerns starbucks and it's a bestseller. >> the orioles are fighting to keep playing. the nationals, we know who they are playing.
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every gameonitoring impact the washington nationals playoff series. we know who -- we now know who the nationals will face. >> the st. louis cardinals, on sunday. we are also keeping a close eye baltimore orioles, who are playing right now. there is a lot of excitement over playoff fever. >> there is reason to be the orioles will continue playing. worse, we know the nationals playing. -- of course, we know the nationals will be playing. the fans know this will be a of baseball. this could be a tense table. corey smith is a big national scale. >> it is an awesome time to be a baseball fan. >> lawyer is a cardinals fan. they are rooting together tonight, but they will choose a
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different sides when the team -- takee the field thursday. >> i consider the nationals my but i will be for the cardinals. do you watch the redskins or nationals? >> the nationals. >> did you say something before that? scott hopes to be watching well into october. >> we have been waiting since 1997. there is nothing better. >> with the orioles playing for their postseason lives, they are in on places, like this yankee fanatic. >> you are an oriole fan? >> of course. they are easier to beat. her husband is wearing baltimore colors, perhaps in silent protest. who, win orme season as at this success. >> no doubt about it.
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we already won. >> at the risk of losing journalistic of the activity, we hoping the nationals follow lead and win all the way through october. fans are hoping for the beltway series. for now, the orioles are still playing. there was a controversy tonight. we will talk about that in sports. >> thank you very much. abc 7 is your station for the road to the world series. coverage fromve weekend, here the on >> the heart of chinatown a shutdown. >> the protesters at a busy intersection. --top seller at starbucks your side.
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sudden, right in the chinatown, after marched through the of the street. we captured exclusive video of the demonstrators. they were chanting disparaging obama andout the romney campaigns. the protesters continued their freedom plaza without incident. . storyvelopin news choppers 7 was over the for a missing voter -- boater who appears to have he fell overboard fishing trip. new at 11:00, a ruling that a controversial ad must be posted at metro stations. it must be displayed by monday night. it says muslim radicals are savages. officials delayed putting of the video that sparked an attack on an american
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consulate overseas and killed here four americans. the controversy surrounding starbucks. are running out of goes into that popular pumpkin spice lot today latte. some customers have stormed out in anger. many stores that are run out of placed orders for more. crisis averted. [laughter] >> freedom is saved. i was very proud to accept a prestigious honor on behalf of colleague tim brant. the distinguished citizen award annually by the maryland athletic , to those who have made significant contributions to collegiate athletics. is a nationally recognized man in football and basketball. tim was a linebacker with the
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turks. -- terps. he was honored for that as well. to stand in for him. an honor to do so. >> who did you have to fend off? [laughter] >> that is a good thing. we have interesting whether shaping up. on sunday. >> it will be fun. >> not really. >> here is how it looks outside. beautiful. that bright object is the planet jupiter. outside, our current temperature remember these well. r about noon tomorrow, it will tumble. our temperature outside, 69 degrees. record for today is from 1941. was the warmest day we have ever had. the coldest day, the high e was 50 degrees, from
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1889. sunday, the high temperature may 48-49, even though right now is 69 degrees. through the midwest right now, it is in the 40's. is 44 degrees. temperatures around detroit have o 30 degrees in the last four hours. here comes a big wave of the atmosphere, a storm system with comingfront that will be tomorrow, probably has -- as early as 10:00 or 11:00. in western maryland and out to county. sunday, some of the cold air in on tomorrow, 11:00, it will still be in the mid-70's. tomorrow afternoon, colder air begins coming in. some northwesterly winds.
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by sunday morning, temperatures the 40's. some cold air coming in. on top of that comes some [indiscernible] i am afraid it will be chilly air. 52 degrees on sunday. for columbus day, not as chile. the sunshine is returning, pretty cool for time of year. then, back to the sunshine. wednesday, temperatures near 70 degrees. of changes in a short time. >> tonight, folks here are remembering an important part of team who unfortunately earlier this week. video journalist joe rose away following heart surgery. he worked here for 33 years. he was covering many of the big you at home.ought
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joe has also been an editor and operations manager here. >> many of us will remember joe for his smile, his positive attitude every day, and his sense of humor. everyone here is going to miss rose. best sentiments' to his family. when i was younger and... financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her lifife. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand bs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to wtok with good pay... question seven.
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now, the toyota sports desk,
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you by our local toyota dealers. >> the stage is set. the nationals know who they will in the national league division series. it will be the st. louis cardinals. they are celebrating over the national league east title. postationals, ended the the nationals and the post season by beating the phillies. is just a memory now. is off to the playoffs sunday. what, it has already for thepecial season nationals. going to enjoy this have helped ourselves , for the city of , d.c., and all of the fans who have supported the team losing seasons. for us to finally bring history city is special in its own. show you how the cardinals punched their ticket
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to the division series. a controversial play fly ball. it was a late infield fly rule, called by the umpires. -- mattat the plate t the plate. they go on to victory. back to the controversial call. the braves thought they had the bases loaded. fans in atlanta went crazy. trash started raining down from the stands. the game for 19 s to clean up and settle things down. chipper jones retired after the game. a bit embarrassed by how atlanta reacted. >> it is disappointing any time something like that happens. obviously, delays in the game w everybody off their game. you never want to see something
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that violence like that. is for sure. you will not be able to say that braves fans do not care. you got the right. also tonight, the a.l. wild card game in texas. and jones connected, a fly ball to left. in the seventh, andino at mclouth at the plate. andino scores easily. top of the ninth, the orioles up three-one. -- 3-1. >> high-school sports final coming up next. >> all we need is for the redskins to pull one out on sunday. michael phelps was nowhere near pool today. but he scored a victory on
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the golf course.
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his skills in for but michael pool, tops on the golf course. on the sixth hole of a championship in scotland.
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feetasts this putt from 53 away. >> is that a driver? >> it should have them. it could have been. the crowd goes nuts. phelps is clearly excited. you cannot blame him. dialed that in for an eagle par 4.
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a cold front in that rain, up from ohio. come in and to our whether page. -- weather page. we have a blog about all these changes. be dramatic on sunday, 50 degrees. are you going to be outside?
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